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Contrary to popular belief, physiotherapists aren't limited to the rehabilitation of sports injuries and back pain, which will affect up to 8 out of 10 of us at some time in our life. As well as musculoskeletal injuries and conditions, our physiotherapists can also manage neurological conditions such as stroke and other medical conditions such as arthritis, through manipulation and treatment of affected movement.

The demands of professional sport are ever-increasing and injuries can be an inevitable reality for most sports players. Our Physiotherapists can help with the healing process as well as provide preventive measures and means of conditioning. The range of sports injuries aided by physiotherapy is vast but is primarily focused on treatment of muscular pain, strains and the rehabilitation process following fractures and breaks in the bones or severe muscle or ligament tears.

At Physio Relief we can also help you to recover from surgery. Treatment options include a wide range of manual therapies, exercise programs and airway clearance techniques, tailored to your specific condition. Our Physiotherapists can also show you how to use, and where to get, the necessary equipment aids to assist in recovery.

We also offer specialist assessment and treatment for children, from premature babies to adolescents, particularly for those with special needs and movement dysfunctions. We work on treating your child effectively, by making the treatment session a fun and enjoyable experience.

Our skilled physiotherapists can help with:
• Ligament sprains
• Muscle strains
• Arthritis
• Cartilage tears
• Pre and post surgery rehabilitation
• Sports injuries
• Fracture rehabilitation
• Back pain
• Neck Pain
• Headaches
• Repetitive strain injury (RSI)
• Rehabilitation after surgery
• Gynaecological conditions
• Back pain posture during pregnancy
• Neurological conditions – such as strokes, head injuries, nerve injuries, multiple sclerosis, shingles, cerebral palsy and ME
• Paediatrics – for childhood conditions including postural and walking problems
• Circulatory problems

How we can help
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